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The Opportunities

Here are 5 opportunities to get you started thinking about how your business could benefit from bots:

In the bot and messaging market a conversational commerce platform using several technologies for instant messaging. More than others companies like Helloumi with NLP and artificial is the best solution for WhatsApp Customer Service and WhatsApp para empresas.

Opportunity #1 — Be Always Available: Would you like to expand your customer support hours but face budget and staffing contraints? Chatbots are economical and can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And they are always on time, pleasant and never take a personal day!

The explosion of chatbots is here. From Chris Messina to Satya Nadella,from Google to Facebook — the whole world is getting in on this game. In spending the past few months doing my own exploration of the space, one thing has become clear that I have yet to see stated:

As the number of mobile apps increases, while the size of our mobile screens decreases, we’re reaching the limits of the mobile “OS + apps” paradigm. It’s getting harder to download, setup, manage and switch between multiple apps on our mobile device and most mobile users only use a handful of apps every day.

9 enero, 2017

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia